Make better decisions with fewer meetings

Collect ideas and vote to find the best solutions 

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  • Collect ideas

    Invite from 10 to 10,000 participants to submit their ideas

  • Anonymous voting

    Allow participants to vote anonymously to find the best ideas 

  • Feedback

    After each deliberation, send feedback messages to all participants about the next steps or decisions made

How does it work

Why Choose Us

Encourage employee engagement

Tap into a diverse pool of ideas 

Promote open & honest communication 

Insert more transparency into decision-making

Boost morale and a sense of ownership

For Leaders in Business

Improve brainstorming 

Facilitate townhall meetings

Employee surveys & feedback

For Leaders in the Public Sector

Citizen engagement

Improve stakeholder engagement

Employee surveys and feedback

For Leaders in Education

Community engagement 

Student/staff surveys & feedback

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